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At Grafica, we’re keen to encourage the next generation of designers and so we were pleased to welcome Shola Kanmi-Jones for a week to show her what we do and how we do it. We asked her to explain here why she wants to be a graphic designer. During the week, we also set her a project based on a mock design brief. We love what she’s done and think you’ll agree that her design is pretty cool. Please click on the link below to see the end result, presented in the way we show our clients real projects.


Why I want to be a graphic designer:

I want to be a graphic designer because I enjoy graphic design as a subject which is why I am doing it for my GCSE. I am doing it because I enjoy designing things because it’s free spirited – you just put pen to a piece of paper and pouf! we have a master piece! Well, I have one, I don’t know if you like it! And graphic design needs so much thinking – once you’ve done all the writing bit you need to remember the important bits, like the target markets, why you’re doing it and what the purpose of it is. Then you can run with your ideas.

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