New Year(ish)

It’s been a little while since we posted in our blog—apologies for that, but somehow at least two posts never got published before they were out of date… We’ll try harder this year, we promise!

There are a few good reasons for the distractions though, some work related, some health related. Since our last post, we’ve had one appendicitis (child), one severe bout of IBS, one Christmas (two mothers staying), one (quiet but happy) New Year, one website built, one website nearly built, several print jobs completed, quite a few new networking events, one funeral (grandparent), one sort of funeral (hamster), one leaking boiler and a health wake up call! It sounds like something out of ‘the very hungry caterpillar’. Without the pickle (yay!) and chocolate cake (boo!).

So, what have we been working on exactly? Well, after a quiet spell, we’ve built a lovely new website for the chaps at Finance Box, we’ve nearly finished one for High Grade Consultants and our print work covers a few different organisations. We’ve also fixed a couple of broken websites for non-clients…

After a busy couple of weeks then, things have quietened down again for long enough for us to take stock of some health news that means a (hopefully) short-ish term change to some of our habits – but it’s all for good and we’re on our way with it all.

As we’re in a lull before we start our next project, we’ve been working on a new simple one-page website package that we think might be of interest to a few people. It’s especially suited to cafes and restaurants, guest houses and B&Bs who would like a web presence but don’t need a full website – a step up from only being on Trip Advisor or Facebook. Please give us a call if you would like to find out more about it and whether it’ll work for you. We’ll gladly meet you for a coffee to chat it through.